Fairfield: Acorn Lane Upland Preserve
Acorn Lane Sign

5 acres Preserved 1974
Acorn Lane, Fairfield
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About Acorn Lane Upland Preserve
The preserve is mostly uplands with an intermittent stream running though it on the north side. Follow the yellow trail to the much larger Fairfield Mill Hill Open Space (34 acres) which protects the Sasco Creek watershed.

Acorn Lane
Acorn Lane

Mill Hill Open Space Maps available at the Town of Fairfield. This is a great preserve to take an adventurous hike in the heart of Fairfield.

Trail Steward:  Lori Hashizume

Directions & Parking:

Acorn Lane is located off of Mill Hill Terrace. Park at the end of the Lane, preserve entrance is marked by a sign at the cul-de-sac.