Fairfield: Old Hay Fields
Old Hay Fields Sign

5 acres - Preserved 1987 & 1992
Cedar Lane & Morehouse Rd, Southport
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About Old Hay Fields
Beautiful old haying fields at the corner of Morehouse & Cedar bordered with crabapple trees and stone walls. A reminder of the areas farming days in this lovely area of Southport.

This land was generously donated by Ruth Berlin with a second parcel purchased with the help of neighbors to protect the beauty of the fields. These fields also provide access to a bridle trail that is enjoyed by local riders. The Hay field located on Cedar Road is connected to a small Town of Fairfield Open Space.

Trail Steward:  Elizabeth Gaynor

Directions & Parking:

Preserves are located at the corner of Cedar Lane & Morehouse Rd. Park roadside on Cedar Lane.