Weston: Taylor Woods Preserve

36 Acres - Preserved in 1975, 1985, and 1988
Fanton Hill Rd., Weston
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About Taylor Woods Preserve - For a moderately challenging but short hike (45 minutes), this preserve is perfect. Follow the white trail through a patch of woods, then down a slope to the riverbank where huge boulders provide an idyllic spot to sit and enjoy the Aspetuck as it ripples by (fishing is permitted). The trail splits, one leg continuing through woodlands, the other leg turning into a grassy path dotted with berries, honeysuckle, ferns and sassafras. Both legs rejoin and become the red trail leading to the Tall Pines Preserve.

For a family hike exploration of Taylor Woods Preserve, click here.

Historical Note:  Fanton Hill Road is one of several upright highways laid out in 1661 along with 48 long lots that varied in width from four to 61 rods (a rod is 16 1/2 feet) and stretched from Westport to the Redding boundary, marking the beginning of Weston's development.

Trail Steward:  Bob Fatherley

Directions & Parking:
Drive north on Lyons Plain Road; take a right on Fanton Hill Road. Parking and trail entrance at end of road.

Sections: Trout Fishing