Tick Warning for Hikers

Tick Warning for Hikers

We wanted to let you know that a large numbers of ticks, the parasites that carry Lyme disease, are expected to emerge in New England in the coming weeks.

Read this article about a new tick disease in the 5/1/16 edition of the Weston Forum.

Abundant snow over the winter and a wet spring have created ideal conditions for ticks to come out in the warm weather and try to latch onto hosts, experts said. "The next three to four weeks is the peak season of risk," said Sam Telford, an infectious disease professor at Tufts University and an authority on Lyme disease. "That's when the nymphal ticks emerge and appear in large numbers. It's going to be gangbusters the next few weeks," Telford said. The nymphs, some as small as a period in a newspaper, are much harder to detect than the full grown ticks more commonly seen in the fall. This information was taken from an article written by Ted Siefer from Reuters. To read the full article, click here.

Risk of picking up ticks can be minimized by people wearing shoes and clothing that covers their feet and legs, wearing insect repellent and checking themselves for ticks after being outside, according to experts. Also, staying on marked trails also minimizes risk. Dogs running through the woods can pick up ticks and bring them into your home. Keeping your dog leashed, keeps them on the trails.

Please click below for two interesting videos about Lyme Disease:

Lyme Disease prevention   https://vimeo.com/41819680

Lyme Disease - Symptoms and Treatment  https://vimeo.com/41876725

Have fun and be safe.

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