Easton Preserves

 Easton Preserves

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1. Pond View Preserve - 6 acres in 128 acre Paine O/S
Follow the red trail around a large pond where frogs abound and continue on to the green trail for a short loop through the forest.
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2. Island Pond Preserve - 4 acres in 128 acre Paine O/S  Fishing Fishing
Follow the white trail past several small ponds to Island Pond where you can watch nature from the sheltered island.
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3. Poindexter Nature Preserve - 40 acres
Meander through meadows and a pine and hardwood forest accented by a wide range of stonewalls to find a farm pond created by a hand-laid stone dam.
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4. Warner Anglers Preserve - 5 acres  Fishing Fishing
Enjoy year-round fishing from three separate access points along this pristine tailwater fishery (catch & release only

5. Crow Hill Preserve - 162 acres
Explore the rolling terrain of former private hunting lands high above Trout Brook Valley to enjoy the sun setting over Popp Mountain not once but twice.
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6. Jump Hill Preserve - 117 acres
Over 2 miles of beautiful hiking trails at the north end of Trout Brook Valley, dotted with vernal ponds.
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7. Trout Brook Valley - 730 acres (Easton & Weston)
A crown jewel pristine open space and 14 miles of trails that takes the hiker past wildflowers, woodlands, scenic overlooks and a lush apple and blueberry orchard.
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8. Abbey Lane Fishing Pond - 2 acres   Fishing Fishing
A large and open pond provides a great spot to practice fly fishing casting. Also accessible via Poindexter Preserve (White trail to Orange trail)

9. Elise Piscitelli Preserve - 3.5 acres
Non-trailed old farm field returning to woodlands.

10. Randall's Farm Preserve-  34 acres
Enjoy this beautiful preserve with open meadows, stone walls, a pond and groomed trails through high grassy wildflower meadows. One of the last great old farm fields and areas few remaining historic long lots.
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