Fairfield Preserves

1. Putnam & Rudkin Preserve – 16 acres
A trailed, nice, flat wooded lot marked with stone walls containing mostly wetlands with Sasco Creek nearby. Often used by the Fairfield Bridle Trails Association, as Rudkin Preserve trails are for equestrian use only.
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2. Kirik Upland Preserve – 7 acres
Quiet neighborhood preserve with a field of mature cedar trees (the first trees to grow back in abandoned farm fields), a stone wall, and some nice woods.

3. Lobdell Calf Pasture Preserve – 4 acres
Connected to the Hillman Preserve, observe a great example of old farmland returning to forest with stone walls and a seasonal pond. Mucky during spring and wet periods.  Not trailed.
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4. Ernest Hillman Preserve – 11 acres
A favorite of former board member Ann Carter, this tranquil preserve consists of two lovely fields and woods with easy walking trails and bench to relax upon (a memorial to Mrs. Carter).
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5. Harwood Preserve – 15 acres
Discover wild blueberries (in season) in this neighborhood hardwood forest with ancient rock walls and small wetland area covered by wooden walkways.
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6. Sasqua Wildflower Preserve – 0.3 acres
Smallest preserve. Mowed walking trails make this a lovely spot to observe wildflowers in season, conveniently located across from the historic Pequot Museum in Southport.

7. Butkus Pond Preserve – 4 acres
A hidden pond stocked with bass, minnows & bluegills where you’ll find eastern painted turtles sunning on rocks and logs with water striders. A popular fishing spot for local children.
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8. Acorn Lane Upland Preserve – 5 acres
Enjoy trails through woods, wetlands, and an intermittent stream, also provides access to the town’s 38-acre Mill Hill Open Space.
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9. Old Hay Fields – 5 acres
Beautiful old haying fields at the corner of Morehouse & Cedar bordered with crabapple trees & stone walls. A reminder of the area’s farming days in this lovely area of Southport.

10. Aspetuck River Access – 1/4 acres
A small trail leads from Rt 136 to the Aspetuck River for fishing and exploring.

11. Southport Park –10 acres
Owned by Sasquanaug Association and managed by the land trust, the park offers more than 1/2 mile of trails with benches, play and picnic areas, and a fort.  Information kiosks and well-marked trails make it appealing to all ages.
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1. Great Salt Marsh Island – 14 acres
Great opportunity to observe a tidal wetland in it’s lively natural state – look for wrens, herons, fiddler crabs, minnows, and a pair of nesting osprey.
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